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Features and benefits …                                                                

Associations can:
Set up competitions online which in turn

  • Generates Draws automatically (customizable if required)

Directly enter match results via the web (or share the task by delegating to club officials) which in turn:

  • Automatically determines and displays the winning team

  • Automatically calculates the competition ladder

  • Automatically collates a player’s statistics

  • Automatically calculates all player rankings based upon sets or games (which is a significant aid for grading committees)

  • Automatically displays player participation summaries for eligibility for finals

Save communication costs when contacting select groups or all association players by

  • Email

  • SMS

Link TennisScores.Net to their site
Be notified of new club players for registration or insurance purposes
Swiftly create a new season of competitions based upon any previous season.

Concurrently, clubs can:

  • Communicate with members via email including sending newsletters (New)

  • Manage their player list when given authority by association administrators

  • Download their own club player rankings/statistics for grading purposes (New)

  • Become involved in competition management including results-entry

  • Access all previous and current team results

  • Link TennisScores.Net to their site.

 Centres can:

  • Utilise all of the features listed above

  • Additionally record player payments which includes Debtors/Creditors reporting


Players then experience and have access to:

  • Timely results and Ladders (including ALL previous results/ladders up to any round)

  • Access to player statistics including their own and those of upcoming opposition players

  • Rankings of all players in their competition

  • Eligibility/Participation summaries of all players for the purposes of Finals participation.

  • Access contact details of team mates

  • 24/7 access.


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