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What if our Association/Club/Centre has a Website already?
Perfect!  You can link your website to TennisScores.Net and vice-versa!  Upload all your association photos and news to your association website but enter your results into TennisScores.

Do we need a website?
No - you can set up your competitions on TennisScores.Net and look up results, draws, ladders and player statistics without having a website. Just use as your own website.

Do we need any special software
(such as spreadsheets) on our computers?
No - TennisScores.Net handles everything.  You need Internet Explorer 6 (or later) which is free and of course, the ability to connect to the Internet.

Can we just enter final match scores rather than individual rubber/set scores?
No - TennisScores.Net allows entry of set and game scores which takes very little time but prevents errors.  Final match scores should be the same as your final match scores.

We don't record individual players in teams because it is too time-consuming.  Do we need to have players selected in teams to use TennisScores.Net?
No, you do not.  However, two things:
- it doesn't take very long to initially enter teams of players and
- the very powerful player statistics is available to all players and administrators.

Can we delegate officials or trusted people the ability to enter results for certain competitions?
Certainly! Just enter the personal details, email address and a password for a club official.  Go to the competiton(s) you want results to be entered and from the drop down menu select the club.  The official from that club can enter match results for that competition.  A great way to involve juniors as volunteers in your association by giving them an important job!

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